Cynthia Baker, Life Purpose Coach

SCC Catalyst Member Cynthia Baker is a life purpose coach who helps people gain greater clarity, fulfillment, and success in their career and personal life. She especially enjoys coaching people who are working in the environmental field (or want to). Learn more about Cynthia on the SCC Coach Finder!

SCC: How did you become a coach?

CB: I’d been practicing as a therapist for seven years and enjoyed it, but was feeling increasingly concerned about the state of the world. I wanted to make a bigger difference and saw that coaching was a way to do that. It’s been so inspiring helping people make the best use of their gifts.

SCC: Are there any tools from your life as a therapist that you find helpful in your coaching?

CB: I believe my job as a coach is mainly to guide people to their own answers and I learned many ways of doing that through my therapy training. But whether I’m doing therapy or coaching, my best tools are always my ability to connect, ask great questions, and hold a space for the client to see things in a new way.

SCC: What’s a typical day for you like?

CB: I don’t have a typical day—being in private practice is a creative process with a lot of flexibility. When I’m not in session, I’m often responding to inquiries, doing marketing, networking, creating content, or reading a great coaching book! 

SCC: What do you love most about coaching? 

CB: I love when the person realizes what they really want and that they can achieve it! People often compromise their dreams down unnecessarily, and they are closer to success than they think. That realization can be life-changing!

SCC: What has been your biggest challenge?

CB: The natural ebb and flow of being an entrepreneur can be challenging. I’ve learned to continually plant seeds for creating new clients. 

SCC: What do you like about being a member of SCC?

CB: Making like-minded friends, having referral sources, networking, and consultation opportunities. I love doing pop-up coaching events and recently made two great connections with prospective clients!

Cynthia is offering a complimentary breakthrough coaching session to three SCC Catalyst members in the month of January. You can learn more about her here

SCC: What you like about being a member of SCC?

CB: There’s a lot of things: making new friends, having referral sources, networking opportunities. I love doing popup coaching and made two strong connections with prospective clients!

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